Creative Candles 18" Pistachio Tapers

Creative Candles 18" Pistachio Tapers
Item# 023088

Product Description

Experience rich elegance of a soft, illuminating glow with our taper candles. Created with a blend of superior quality waxes including beeswax, our tapers enjoy a long burn time while minimizing smoke and candle drip. Creative Candles only uses pure cotton wicks to allow tapers to burn slowly and evenly. Our skilled artisans create these hand-dipped tapers one paper-thin layer at a time to ensure a unique depth of color and a beautiful matte finish.

Handled with care: Tapers are packaged in pairs, and each pair is tissue-wrapped and placed in a beautiful carton or tube to ensure the integrity of the candle and protect its finish. Each carton includes beeswax fitter strips, which can be used to secure the candles in candleholders if necessary. Usage & safety tips are provided on each carton.