Discover the age-old tradition of making fresh butters, yogurts, creams, and soft cheeses at home

The Creamery Kitchen
The Creamery Kitchen
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Product Description

This book shows you how simple it is to make your own dairy products at home and includes a range of delicious sweet and savory recipes using butter, yogurt, cream cheese and more.

Dairy foods, such as butter, cream, and yogurt, have a special place in our affections. Although these are normal ingredients which we use every day spreading butter on toast, drinking a refreshing glass of milk, enjoying a lunchtime yogurt they are also treats, with a pleasurably indulgent aura about them. Processes such as transforming cream into butter or milk into yogurt both gloriously easy are wonderful acts of kitchen magic, carrying with them a glow of satisfaction. Once your interest is aroused, you will find yourself looking at milk, cream, and yogurt in a new light as the starting points from which to make other, lovely dairy products such as labneh or buttermilk. Having made your own dairy products, this book also offers more than 40 delicious ways to enjoy the, in savoury/savory and sweet dishesinspired by cuisines around the world, from French to Middle Eastern. This is the perfect book for anyone with a passion for good, honest food.