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Easy Vegan
Easy Vegan
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Packed with more than 100 easy recipes, this is the perfect book for anyone who is following a vegan diet or preparing meals for vegan family and friends. Every dish is photographed and clear instructions make for easy-to-follow recipes. Whether itís to boost and maintain health with a pure diet, or for reasons of conscience and personal choice, vegan food is ever popular. Easy Vegan is full of exciting recipes, inspired by many different styles of cooking from around the world, all of which cut out animal products. They are quick and easy to prepare and rely on real food and ingredients, rather than specialist, often difficult-to-source vegan substitutes. Included are fresh ideas for soups, snacks and light meals, salads, hot dishes, sweet things, and drinks. The recipes show just how easy it is to use fresh herbs, spices, seasonings, and condiments sourced from all over the globe to pack plenty of flavor and vitality into your vegan cooking. Try an exotic tagine from North Africa that uses fiery harissa paste to add zing; a fresh, herbed salad packed full of nutritious grains from the Middle East; a tasty stir-fried noodle dish from China or Japan; a satisfyingly spicy curry from India; or a simple recipe from Spain, Italy, or France that showcases simple vegetables at their best to create a dish full of Mediterranean sunshine.