FabHabitat Cancun Lemon & Apple Green 4' x 6' Rug

FabHabitat Cancun Lemon & Apple Green 4' x 6' Rug
Item# 022099179528

Product Description

Woven from straws made up of recycled plastic - Washable, just shake or hose off for easy cleaning - Reversible, change the look of your decor - Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses; for outdoor use anchor with furniture or outdoor Velcro - Lightweight - Portable for use in picnics and camping trips. Comes with Eco-friendly jute bag

*Actual colors may vary from the image(s) shown due to manufacturing limitations *Made from Multicolored Straws: Predominantly yellow and green, but made of yellow, green, blue, and brown-colored plastic tubes

The classic striped pattern of the Cancun rug makes it easy to incorporate into any room, while the array of vibrant hues makes it a best seller. The multicolored straws are carefully blended together to create a unique pattern every time. These beautifully crafted rugs are made following the fair trade principles. Fab Rugs add a touch of elegance to your home décor. They are made using premium quality recycled plastic straws which are tightly woven together to offer strength, softness and beauty. Being plastic, moisture will have no effect on the mat and it will not attract mildew.