Joseph Joseph FoodStore™ Carousel

Joseph Joseph FoodStore™ Carousel
Item# 81002

Product Description

These stylish kitchen storage sets comprise individual glass jars of various sizes that all stack neatly together on their own rotating carousels.

FoodStore™ is a set of 6 large jars perfect for storing dry foods such as tea, coffee, pasta and beans.

Made from tough borosilicate glass, all jars have stackable airtight lids that help keep food fresher for longer. Also each carousel has a non-slip base and a smooth, rotating mechanism, making every jar easily accessible. Both units fit neatly onto a kitchen worktop or inside a cupboard.

Jar capacities: - 1 × 1.7L jar (57 oz), - 3 × 0.8L jars (27 oz) – 2 × 0.3L jars (10 oz) Size: 20 × 21.5cm x 32cm