Mezze Small plates to share

Mezze Small plates to share
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Mezze features a mouth-watering collection of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern recipes for dips, bites, salads and other small plates to share, perfect to enjoy as a appetizers or light meals.

An ancient tradition, mezze is the heart and soul of modern culinary life in Turkey and the Middle East. The word ‘mezze’ (‘meze’ in Turkey and ‘mazza’ in Syria and Lebanon) is thought to have derived from the Persian ‘maza’ meaning ‘taste’ or ‘relish’ which is exactly what it is – something tasty – designed to be enjoyed with a glass of tea, wine or beer, a fruit sherbet, or a yogurt drink with the aim of pleasing the palate, not to fill the belly. At its simplest, mezze can be represented by a bowl of gleaming olives marinated in lemon juice and crushed coriander seeds, or a mixture of roasted nuts and seeds tossed in salt and dried thyme. At its most elaborate, it can be presented as an entire feast comprising a myriad of little dishes, each the bearer of something savory or sweet but always utterly delicious.

In this cookbook, you’ll discover such exciting recipes as Purple Carrots and Saffron Pears; Pastries filled with Feta and Herbs; Cinnamon-spiced Meatballs; Aromatic Stuffed Mussels; Parsley and Bulgur Salad; Refreshing Cucumber Strips sprinkled with Salt; Sautéed Halloumi dusted with Za’atar; and Velvety Yogurt and Sweet Helva – nothing quite beats the magic of mezze.