Goodbye Detergent Original Spaghetti Scrubs Gentle - Peach

Goodbye Detergent Original Spaghetti Scrubs Gentle - Peach
Item# 025782

Product Description

The original Goodbye Detergent Spaghetti Scrub is a natural-fiber cleaning scrubber that is tough on your kitchen messes, but gentle on the environment. An eco-friendly product, the Spaghetti Scrub in Gentle is made with a tough, yet gentle abrasive that has incredible cleaning power. Use on glass, wood, plastic and other materials that are prone to scratching - you'll find endless uses around the home. The unique spaghetti shape makes it ideal for getting into tough-to-reach places such as corners, and those difficult-to-clean whisks.

All Goodbye detergent products significantly reduce or eliminate the need for soaps and detergents-another big win for the environment. Scrubs are reusable, and last for months, further reducing landfill waste. They dry quickly and completely, so there's no smell, no mildew, no rust. All items are packaged in minimally in 100% recycled material. You'll feel good knowing that the products you are choosing are helping save the planet, and your bottom-line. Two scrubs come in each pack.