Recipes for artisanal pickles, preserves, relishes & cordials

Pickled & Packed
Pickled & Packed
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Pickles, chutneys, relishes, mustards, bottled fruits and vegetables – is there any better sight for the keen cook than pantry shelves laden with gleaming jars of preserved produce?

There’s something very satisfying about knowing you have this delicious bounty tucked away. This book is crammed with 111 recipes for preserving the fruits and vegetables of summer, whether you grow your own and need ideas for dealing with a glut or shop at farmers’ markets and want new ways to cook with produce when it is at its very best.

The book begins with a comprehensive basics techniques section, which explains the equipment and the basic techniques required for successful preserving. The recipes are then divided into chapters on pickling and vinegars, relishes and mustards, bottling fruit and vegetables, spoon fruit, candies and pastes, and liqueurs and cordials. There are classic recipes, such as pickled cucumbers, tarragon vinegar, and piccalilli, plus new twists on traditional favourites, such as smoky mountain ketchup, lemon and dill mustard, and vin santo plum spoon fruit. And there are also great recipes for making use of your pickled produce, such as pickled green tomato panzanella, empanadas with Texan hot sauce, ricotta tart with Indian-spiced apricots, and yogurt panna cotta with fig spoon fruit.