Protein-rich vegan recipes for well-being and vitality

Plant-based Paleo
Plant-based Paleo
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Product Description

Understand the Paleo approach to nutrition and create clean foods that your body will harness for sustenance, well-being and vitality.

In this informative Paleo cookbook, nutritionist Jenna Zoe has applied vegan theories to the Paleo diet, creating a book full of delicious, protein-rich recipes to be enjoyed at any time of the day. With advice about shopping for Paleo, helpful information about the essential ingredients and a friendly outline of the dietís parameters, Plant-based Paleo is your go-to guide for introducing a new, healthy approach to food, or to advise and inspire your current diet. With appetizing and imaginative recipes to take you from breakfast through to dinner, including Paleo salad recipes, snacks and guilt-free treats, Jennaís vegan collection will satisfy your every taste, hunger and nutrient need.