60 delicious recipes for the gluten intolerant

The Savoury Gluten-Free Baker
The Savoury Gluten-Free Baker
Item# 9781849754293

Product Description

This collection of 60 delicious recipes, is designed to appeal to all the family, not just the gluten intolerant, and is sure to become part of your baking repertoire.

This book provides delicious alternatives to those everyday and special occasion savory baking recipes that people suffering from celiac disease, gluten intolerance or wheat allergy miss the mostó breads, tarts, quiches, piesódishes which are perfect for simple suppers, picnics or elegant dinners. With a little know-how and some simple ingredients, this book will enable you to create delicious dishes at home.

There are gluten-free variations of classic recipes (including crumpets, scones, pizza, soda bread, foccacia, brioche, pizza), plus lots of exciting new recipes. Take your pick from exciting new dishes such as spicy sausage rolls thyme flower mushrooms, cheese and bacon choux buns, Indian spiced cake, truffle and wild mushroom tart, pumpkin madeleines with sage, or chorizo and manchego scones.