Snapi Food Grabber

Snapi Food Grabber
Item# KH100056

Product Description

This handy and creative food scooper is a fun way to get the perfect serving every time! The Snapi Food Grabber is a great single handed server for use serving dishes like pasta, salad, corn on the cob, rice, and more. Other food serving tools don't grab ahold of your food which leads to spills and incomplete servings. The Snapi can be held in one hand and prevents those food related messes. Simply grip the bonded rubber ridged surface and scoop your food. Then press down on this food service tool to grab it and move it easily to your plate or bowl before releasing pressure. The Snapi features several interlocking teeth which keep small food bits held tight when they may normally slip through the cracks. This food scooper is dishwasher safe and has a built in lock for storage. If you're unsure how to serve food at your buffet, salad bar, pasta bar, or during parties, give this Snapi a chance for perfect single serving food every time!