Zingerman's Cream Cheese

Zingerman's Cream Cheese
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Product Description

AMERICAN CHEESE SOCIETY WINNER. Old fashioned cream cheese made much as it was in small dairies a hundred years ago. Crafted completely by hand from fresh local milk mixed with nothing more than a little rennet, salt, a generous dose of cream and the patience to let it drain naturally for a good six hours. In the spirit of traditional cheese making Zingermanís Creamery Cream Cheese is made without vegetable gum; the curd is ladled completely by hand; and it contains no preservatives or artificial additives. Most importantly it has a delicious, fresh milky flavor and a wonderful, light, fluffy texture. Serving Suggestions Zingerman's Cream Cheese is great served at room temperature on toasted bagels. It goes well with smoked salmon and diced onions, but also is fantastic with jams and preserves. It is incredibly versatile and can be used in cheesecakes and sauces.