Zingerman's Goat Cheese Spread

Zingerman's Goat Cheese Spread
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Product Description

MILK Goat RENNET Animal Rennet INGREDIENTS Pasteurized Goat's Milk From farm to cheese in less than 24 hours, our Fresh Goat Cheese is spreadable, with a startlingly fresh taste and a sensually creamy texture. Using long set and drain times allows for a very bright, citrusy flavor to develop in the cheese. Serving Suggestions Spread it on toasted bagels or caraway rye, serve it with celery sticks, use it to stuff Piquillo peppers, mix with honey and eat by the spoonful. It's ideal for stuffing pasta with, or as a topping for already sauced pasta. Bake it into a goat cheese and tomato tart. Any way you eat it, enjoy!