Zingerman's Sharon Hollow Garlic & Chive

Zingerman's Sharon Hollow Garlic & Chive
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Product Description

This fresh, delicately flaky cheese is made by gently hand-ladling ladling cow's milk curd into perforated molds, which allows the whey to drain slowly, imparting a wonderful flavor to the finished round. Alternating layers of cow's milk curd and a mixture of garlic and freshly chopped chives give this cheese an awesome, milky fresh yet crisp flavor. Serving Suggestions Top off the cheese with a little honey and toasted nuts and serve for breakfast . Enjoy the fresh flavor of the cheese simply with a crusty baguette. Stuff into Spanish piquillo peppers with some sea salt, broil, and hit it with a touch of good olive oil. Stuff into pasta shells and bake in homemade sauce. Crumble into scrambled eggs or omelets at the last minute. Melt atop steaming hot baked potatoes. Use it on roasted veggie sandwiches or panini.